Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More downloads

While trawling the web for Bradbury material, I came across a link for the TV film of The Halloween Tree. Like most such links, this will probably have a very short life expectancy, so grab it while you can. The film is accessed from this page. (You will need DivX installed on your computer: get it for free from here.)

News also reaches me of a download link for a radio production of Fahrenheit 451. For a while, this link held the promise of being a rare 1970s production from Studio 71 in Canada. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. (If anyone reading this actually has a copy of the Studio 71 production, please contact me immediately!)

The download link turns out to be the 1982 BBC Radio 4 dramatisation by Gregory Evans. It's a fine production, which I happened to listen to only a week ago (from an ageing cassette off-air recording I made many years back) when I was researching for a paper on Bradbury and the BBC.

The download link for F451 is here. The play runs for about 90 minutes.

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