Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bradbury 13 news? And a Bradbury documentary.

A company called Strategicom have contacted me, saying that they are working with Mike McDonough on licensing of Bradbury 13. It sounds as if moves are afoot - finally - to get this classic piece of radio drama officially re-released.

As I have blogged previously, Bradbury 13 (most of it, anyway) was once released on cassette, but a CD or official download version has never appeared. I hope this is now about to happen. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, I spotted a new Bradbury documentary DVD on Amazon. Ray Bradbury: Dancing Among the Muses sounds, from a customer review, a rather cheap affair. However, the producers' web page for the DVD makes it seem rather more professional. They have a trailer online (which friend Nard also found on YouTube), which includes Ray telling the familiar Mr Electrico tale. This might be worth further investigation...

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Victor said...

Hello Phil!
This is Victor Gates from Vix Audio Show. When AOL shut down their web sites last October, my BLOG disappeared. I've finally gotten around to re-posting everything on the NING web service. Vix Audio Show #5 had the interview with Bradbury 13's Mike McDonough and the sound clips from A Sound of Thunder. The new link is-
There are also many other MP3 files I've posted there that may be of interest to your readers.