Monday, March 06, 2023

New Podcast Episode: The Bradbury Books That Never Were

Time for another new episode of my Bradbury 100 podcast!

This time I dig into the Bradbury files held by the Ray Bradbury Center in Indianapolis, and uncover a 1960 file in which Ray lays out his book publishing plans for the following couple of years.

Alongside familiar titles (Something Wicked This Way Comes, Farewell Summer), we find some totally unfamiliar ones. Listen to the pod (below - or via your podcast app) for all the details.

One of Ray's proposed books was an anthology to be called God On Tomorrow Morning. Something of a follow-up to his two previous anthologies (Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow and The Circus of Dr Lao), this would have been themed around the relationship between science, humanity and religion.

Although the book never came to exist, we do have a proposed table of contents, which I have reproduced in full below, with detail added on where each story originated. You could seek out these stories, and assemble the anthology for yourself!



God On Tomorrow Morning, to be edited by Ray Bradbury: Suggested Contents

Three Stories by Bradbury: The Fire Balloons, The Man, If Sun and Moon Should Doubt

Stories by others:



Short Story




For I Am A Jealous People

Lester Del Rey

Star Short Novels (anthology, ed. by Frederik Pohl), 1954



Robert Silverberg

Amazing Science Fiction Stories, March 1960


Up The Mountain Or Down

Sylvia Jacobs

Universe Science Fiction, September 1953



Eric Frank Russell

Science Fiction Plus, October 1953


Saint Julie And The Visgi

Robert F. Young

If: Worlds of Science Fiction, January 1955


The Quest For Saint Aquin

Anthony Boucher

New Tales of Space and Time (anthology, ed. by Raymond J. Healy), 1951


Many Mansions In The Sky

Koller Ernst

Super-Science Fiction, August 1958


A Demon At Devotions

Jane Roberts

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1958


The Star

Arthur C. Clarke

Infinity Science Fiction, November 1955


The Pure Observers

B.J. Rogers

If: Worlds of Science Fiction, October 1958


The Funnel Of God

Robert Bloch

Fantastic Science Fiction Stories, January 1960


Every Work Into Judgement

Kris Neville

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Winter-Spring 1950


Last Rites

Charles Beaumont

If: Worlds of Science Fiction, October 1955


The Sons Of Japheth

Richard Wilson

Infinity Science Fiction, December 1956


The Guest Rites

Robert Silverberg

Infinity Science Fiction, February 1957

[Update: since I wrote this post, I read the following in chapter 25 of Jonathan R. Eller's biographical volume Ray Bradbury Unbound

"[Bradbury's God on Tomorrow Morning] surviving list of fifteen titles were all published in the 1950s, mostly in the few genre digests that he still occasionally read: If, Infinity Science Fiction, and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Ballantine’s Star anthology series of new stories."

Eller is slightly incorrect regarding the 1950s, since two of the stories appeared in magazines dated as 1960. However, it is conceivable that those magazine issues appeared on news stands at the very end of 1959.]

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