Thursday, February 09, 2012

Locus Award Ballot

It's that time of year: Locus magazine has opened to the poll for the Locus Awards. These awards honour the best published works in the science fiction and fantasy fields. The ballot is open to all, and can be accessed here:

I'm not directly familiar with many of the works listed - life's too short! - but I would draw your attention to Jon Eller's excellent biographical work Becoming Ray Bradbury. This gives a detailed, thorough account of how Bradbury became the author he is, through an examination of the influences that acted on him during his early career. It will be getting my vote.

Incidentally, Jon tells me that he is two-thirds of the way through writing the sequel to Becoming Ray Bradbury, a volume which will cover the period 1953-1972. This is the stage of Bradbury's career where he goes off to Ireland to write Moby Dick for John Huston, and comes back a changed man: a screenwriter, playwright, poet and (shortly afterwards, as the space age gets going) media ambassador for the science fiction field which he had all but left behind. This second volume will appear on a future Locus ballot paper...

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