Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ray Bradbury's Birthday

Today, 22 August 2012, would have been Ray Bradbury's 92nd birthday. Although the writer is no longer with us, there will be celebrations of his life in many places today and in the coming week.

As a reminder of Bradbury's amazing life and body of work, let me introduce Michael Cart - author, editor and prodigious podcaster. In a recent podcast, Cart focuses on Ray Bradbury, giving a biographical overview of his career, and a perceptive appreciation of his masterworks. He also includes personal reminiscences of his meetings with Bradbury, which include introducing Ray at various public events.

You can access the podcast at Infopeople, here.


For another birthday special, visit Brian Sibley's blog. Brian knew Ray for many years, and interviewed him to TV and radio on several occasions. Today, Brian has posted a complete recording of a 1989 programme he made for the BBC World Service Meridian programme. You can access it here.

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