Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspired by Bradbury?

I'm constantly amazed at the places where Bradbury references turn up, and the range of creative works that owe something to Bradbury (whether explicitly acknowledged or not). In many cases, they are works I will never have the chance to experience firsthand. Example:

The Bird Machine. From what I can gather from this review, this is a small-scale but in its own way extravagant piece of theatre, with some points of similarity to a Bradbury story. The review doesn't name the source or inspiration, but I would imagine it's "The Flying Machine", a short story from The Golden Apples of the Sun.

Concrete Temple Theatre's own description of the production is here, and they have photos and video of the show. I just wish I could get there to see it!

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Anonymous said...

hey phil..........shame u can't see it...it's a really interesting piece of theatre

maybe there will be a you tube segment at some point, in the meantime you can check out the theatre company's website at www.concretetempletheatre.com