Friday, August 13, 2010

Bradbury associates

Every July the web is awash with reports from Comic-Con, many of them mentioning Bradbury. TOO many, in fact, so I don't usually bother recording them here. One that caught my eye, though, was Matt Thorn's report in which he describes the meeting between Bradbury and leading manga artist Moto Hagio. She apparently once did an adaptation of R is for Rocket - something I must track down, although it is only available in Japanese. You can the basics about Moto Hagio here., but for a full account of her work and career I recommend another article by Thorn, here.

The podcast Slice of SciFi has an interview with Roger Lay Jr, producer of the Bradbury films Chrysalis and A Piece of Wood. More news on Chrysalis can be found on the official blog, here.

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