Saturday, December 04, 2010

Palm Springs

With the UK weather as cold as it has been lately (below freezing for several days in a row this week), my thoughts turn to warmer places... Palm Springs, for one. I paid a brief visit to the place in the summer of 2008, and found it to be one of the hottest places I had ever been. The locals told me it wasn't usually that hot - it's a heatwave, they said. Fortunately, cooler air was to be found by taking the aerial tramway up into the mountains.

Oh yes, Bradbury. There is a Bradbury connection, as Ray Bradbury has a second home in Palm Springs. This blog post describes a series of Palm Springs encounters between Bradbury and one Eric G. Meeks. It sound like typical Ray, always keen to do what he can to meet fans and sign books.

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