Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Destino Galaxia

Other than the odd phrase that I can figure out due to a resemblance to French or Latin, I speak no Spanish. I therefore offer no explanation for the following other than this: I found it on the web. Enjoy!

Destino Galaxia!

Hannes Bok was an artist and writer, and friend of Bradbury when they were both trying to establish themselves professionally, back in the late 1930s. This brief article from Antique Trader discusses Bok's art and career, and identifies Bradbury as a critical component in Bok's getting started.

Occasionally, I stumble across a reference to a published work about Bradbury which turns out to be a phantom: something that was never existed, or was perhaps scheduled for publication but never actually made it. I was amused to see author David Kubicek briefly explain that something he wrote in college has become such a phantom. It probably exists in physical form somewhere, but certainly has never seen publication, but this doesn't stop Amazon tantalisingly cataloguing it as if it were an out-of-print book.

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