Friday, August 22, 2014

Ray Bradbury's Birthday

Ray Douglas Bradbury was born ninety-four years ago today.

Even now, two years after he passed away, the fascination with his life and work continues. In a few weeks' time, a second volume of literary biography will be published: Ray Bradbury Unbound by Jon Eller. Shortly after, the second volume of The Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury: a Critical Edition will appear. The successful tribute volume Shadow Show is being developed into a comic-book series. Film composer John Massari has developed his Ray Bradbury Theater music into a symphonic suite. Dramatic Publishing is expanding its list of Bradbury-authored theatre plays with Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Illustrated Bradbury. And this week, the Indianapolis Public Library inaugurated an annual Ray Bradbury Lecture in conjunction with Indiana University's Center for Ray Bradbury Studies.

I think that deserves a round of applause!


Robert said...

Just over two years ago.

Looking forward to all these publications. Curious to learn about Dramatic Publishing's new offers.

I always enjoy and appreciate your blog.

Robert Ziegler

Phil said...

Thanks, Robert.

I guess you spotted my miscalculation in the original version of this post - where I said Ray died three years ago. I've now corrected it, to "two years"!

Jack Seabrook said...

Happy birthday, Ray! I am glad to see Eller's new book coming out. Volume one was excellent.