Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Science Fiction 101

My other podcast, which I co-host with Colin Kuskie, is Science Fiction 101. It's a general SF show, with talk about books, short stories, films, TV and more. I even mention Ray Bradbury from time to time (try and stop me!)

In the latest episode, I put Colin on the spot with some fiendish quiz questions, we review two of the Nebula Award short stories, and give our usual run-through of what appeals to us in past, present or future science fiction.

You can pick us up via your podcast app - we're on all the major platforms, and quite a few minor ones. And you can listen via the website:



David Chadwick said...

Thanks for your podcast Phil. It's always a pleasure to hear it. Couldn't agree more with what you say about 'I Am Legend.' What else can be done with zombies or vampires after that? Keep up the good work. Best wishes, David Chadwick.

Phil said...

Thanks, David, I'm pleased you're enjoying the show!