Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bradbury 13, Study guide, interview clips

Over twenty-five years since its production, the National Public Radio series Bradbury 13 is finally available on audio CD in an authorised version. The episodes have been available as MP3 downloads for soem time from The Twilight Zone radio store, but now Blackstone has the complete series on disc and in other formats. It can also be ordered through Amazon.

To learn about the making of the series, read my Bradbury 13 pages here.

I don't know who Mr Connor is, but his English class seems to be studying Bradbury's story "The Veldt". There are some interesting study guide notes - six pages' worth - on Mr Connor's blog here.

On YouTube, Global Science Productions have placed some preview clips of their one-hour documentary on the days of pulp magazines...featuring an interview with Ray Bradbury. For convenience, I have placed the clips below. You might also want to check out the DVD, here. The illustrative material and cutaways make this interview look interesting. This is the first time, for example, that I have seen the UCLA library.

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