Monday, April 12, 2010

Les Longues Annees, et autres

The French-language website Mars & SF has some details of a 1984 French publication called Planete Rouge, which seems to be a collection of French editions of the old EC Comics adaptations of Bradbury stories. The site carries a few page reproductions, from which I recognise the stories "The Dead Towns", "The Million-Year Picnic" and "The Long Years" (see left), among others.

If your French is as weak as mine, you might appreciate this Google translation of the page.

The website Conceptual Fiction has an insightful review of Bradbury's novel Something Wicked This Way Comes.

And further to my earlier post about a Fresno, California, stage production of Fahrenheit 451, here is a review of that production.

Speaking of stage productions, Terry Pace is staging three Bradbury productions in Alabama this year, as announced in this news story. The productions by his Pillar of Fire company are by way of celebrating Bradbury's 90th birthday. Other 90th birthday plans are firming up elsewhere, and I hope to post news of some of these in the coming weeks.

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