Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Boris. Forry. Ray.

With a plot that sounds as unlikely as Bradbury's A Graveyard for Lunatics, Dwight Kemper's Who Framed Boris Karloff casts the legendary horror icon as a murder suspect. And, according to an interview with the author on the blog A Lone Fan Crying in the Wilderness, Karloff is not alone in being a real person cast into a work of fiction.

Apparently, Forry Ackerman is a character in the story as well.

And so is... Ray Bradbury!

Read the interview with Dwight Kemper here.

Another blogger, Justin Parpan, has risen to Steven Paul Leiva's challenge of producing artwork inspired by Bradbury stories (for Leiva's planned 90th birthday book gift to Bradbury). Justin has produced some cartoony illustrations for a number of short stories and books. I particularly like his take on "Skeleton". See Justin's artwork here.

Finally, here's a positive review of a recent Palo Alto children's theatre production of Bradbury's stage play version of Fahrenheit 451.

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