Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bradbury, Bradbury everywhere

There are some potentially interesting materials to help with the use of Fahrenheit 451 in the classroom at the website Shmoop, here. Some parts of it are unlockable only by paying money, but other parts are free. From a cursory glance, it's not clear to me what age range they are assuming, but it may be useful to some teachers.

I gave up watching the TV series Lost a couple of years ago, and have been amused at the amount of blogosphere coverage the series finale has garnered. I was more amused by this Los Angeles Times review which suggested how Ray Bradbury might have enlivened proceedings...

At the Huffington Post, a "college English instructor in Northern California" gives high praise to Ray Bradbury.

I finally received my copy of The Martian Chronicles: the Complete Edition. This large volume from Subterranean Press collects (supposedly) all of Bradbury's Mars stories, both the ones from the original Martian Chronicles and the ones that were published elsewhere. It also includes two complete Bradbury screenplay adaptations of the book. For my research into Bradbury's media work, this volume is a godsend; previously I had to make a trek to Indianapolis to inspect Bradbury's screenplays at the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies.

I said "supposedly" above, not to question the editorial completeness of the Subterranean volume, but simply because I expect Bradbury has some more Martian tales lying around somewhere.

The Martian Chronicles: the Complete Edition is a handsome book, but there is little point in me trying to persuade you to save up to buy a copy... because it's already sold out!


Paul said...

I got my copy of The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition last week. I'll be blogging about the "other tales" throughout the summer and likely be giving away my copy at the end of the summer!

Phil said...

Hi Paul. You might want to reconsider GIVING away the book - it's already out of print, and it's worth a couple of hundred dollars.

If you DO give it away, I hope it goes to a worthy recipient, such as a good library!

Paul said...

Yeah, I think I paid $225 for it. I'm surprised a copy hasn't shown up yet on AbeBooks. I'm preparing a poll to see if fans think I should give it away. Donating it to a public library in the Boston area only means that some fan will steal it for his or her own collection anyway. Giving it away will be much more fun!