Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthony Boucher; F451 on stage again

The blog of Indiana University's Lilly Library has a recent post on Anthony Boucher, the famed (and pseudonymous) editor and writer. In SF circles, Boucher is probably best known as founding editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. However, he had a long career as an author in several genres, and also dabbled in writing for radio and television.

The Lilly Library's connection to Boucher is its collection of his manuscripts and correspondence which includes missives exchanged with Bradbury and many others.

According to the Washington Post September 2011 will see a one-month run of a new production of Bradbury's stage play of Fahrenheit 451. This production, it claims, "takes things that Bradbury could only write about and made them 'manifest onstage with the new technology.' " I wonder whether this means parlour-wall screens for Millie, a Mechanical Hound, or some other marvel.

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