Friday, February 11, 2011

Off to a Conference

The Eaton Conference is about to begin in Riverside, California. I will be there to present a paper, although for once I will not be talking about Bradbury.

On this occasion, I will be speaking about Harlan Ellison's work. It is one of two papers on Ellison, who is also due to receive the 2011 Eaton Award for lifetime achievement in fantastic literature. The other paper will be from Rob Latham of University of California Riverside.

Harlan has announced that he intends to be present for the award presentation on Saturday, and that he will also attend the Friday night screening of Erik Nelson's excellent documentary Dreams With Sharp Teeth.

If you happen to be in Riverside for the conference or related events, please say hello. I'll be the Brit with the fixed grin, if the photo of me on the conference webpage is anything to go by...

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