Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Manuscripters Club

It's been a while since I found time to write any reviews of Ray Bradbury Theatre (you can see my overview of the series, and my reviews of episodes here). One of the episodes I haven't written about is "Tyrannosaurus Rex", based on a story which has also appeared in print as "The Prehistoric Producer".

It is undoubtedly one of the low points of the series.

If you want to know why, there is a neat review on the blog That Guy With The Glasses.

If you have never seen Ray Bradbury Theatre, you should be advised that not all the episodes are as awful as this ones sounds! If you want to find out more, you could do worse than buy the DVD set of the series, which is currently available from Amazon for an amazingly low ten dollars.

Over the years, many groups have had the support of Ray Bradbury. One of these is the Southwest Manuscripters Club, which apparently hosted the young Bradbury in 1949, around the time that his first novel The Martian Chronicles was being readied for publication. This article gives an account of Bradbury's connection with the group.

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