Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Magazine

Thanks to a post I saw on another blog, I have discovered that Time magazine has some of its historical content online. The particular item that drew my attention was this report from 1939 of the first-ever World Science Fiction Convention. This event, held in New York City, was attended by a young Ray Bradbury and some of his Californian friends such as Forry Ackerman.

Time also has a number of old reviews of Bradbury books, the most interesting of which are the older ones, when Bradbury was still establishing a reputation. For example, here is a review of Golden Apples of the Sun from when the book was first published.

And then there is this contemporary review of the 1966 Truffaut film of Fahrenheit 451, which has this to say of Julie Christie:

As for Christie, the picture strongly supports the widely held suspicion that this actress cannot actually act. Though she plays two women of diametrically divergent dispositions, they seem in her portrayal to differ only in their hairdos.
For all Time articles that mention Bradbury, click here. My only gripe is that the older articles are obviously taken from OCR-ed scans of print material, and suffer from occasionally corrupted text.

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