Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sneak Previews

Things are busying up here at Bradburymedia, as I have been given the privilege of a sneak preview of some new Bradbury-related items. I can't post about these in any detail yet, but reviews will be forthcoming at some point:
Becoming Ray Bradbury is the latest work from Bradbury scholar Jon Eller of Indiana University. Jon is currently checking the page proofs and readying this volume for publication through the University of Illinois Press. This literary biography is currently planned for publication in September 2011, and traces the development of Bradbury the writer from childhood through to the career turning point represented by the Moby Dick film experience of the 1950s. Based on the couple of chapters I've read so far, the book looks like a perfect complement to both Sam Weller's The Bradbury Chronicles and Jon's other project (with Bill Touponce), the critical edition of The Collected Short Stories of Ray Bradbury.

The Martian Chronicles is the latest audio production from Colonial Radio Theatre. This is due for release on CD later in 2011, and is the first full adaptation of the Chronicles in any medium. (The 1980 TV mini-series, and the several abortive attempts to turn the Chronicles into a feature film, skipped some of the stories and generally ignored much of the linking material that gives the book its unique character.) The adaptation is by Jerry Robbins, who successfully transformed The Halloween Tree into audio a short while ago. I'm still listening to this mammoth production, which looks like running to half-a-dozen CDs, for a running time of around 333 minutes.

I am grateful to Jon and Jerry for being given the opportunity to look at these creations at such an early stage. Once I've finished reading and listening, I hope to be able to give a more detailed review of each.

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