Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chronicling Mars

Of all Ray Bradbury's stage plays, by far the most difficult to stage must be The Martian Chronicles. Bradbury wrote the play himself, from his own "novel" - but of course the "novel" is really a collection of short stories, woven together into a loose chronology.

The play, somehow, has to take the fragmentary narrative of the book and turn it into something with a unity of time, place and event. And all this without a central protagonist!

Nevertheless, the sheer variety of moods, tone and characters in The Martian Chronicles gives it a great deal of appeal, and this is no doubt why it is a popular choice for high school theatre groups to perform. Which brings me to this sympathetic review of a recent high school production in Farmington, New Mexico. The production is over now, so there's no point in my saying "break a leg"; but I hope it went well.

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Kitsume Lawliet said...

I was apart of this play and it went VERY well. We sold out every night. :D