Sunday, March 04, 2012

Author Bio

In the June-July 1953 issue, Fantastic Universe carried a brand new Bradbury short story called "Time In Thy Flight", which received top billing on the cover. The strap line for the story was "The circus, Hallowe'en, the Glorious Fourth may go - yet eternal is their pull on a child's heart."

(Or, we may add, on Bradbury's heart!)

The story also has a cute little biography of Bradbury:

Most Ray Bradbury readers seem to think of him as a sort of Charles Addams character sprung to life. Actually he is a handsome, cheerful and enthusiastic trnasplanted Californian with wife (1) and children (2), who looks far more at home over a broiled steak than a dish of pickled owl's eyes. Yet few living authors have vast sweep of fantasy or chill brush of horror. We're proud to offer his newest story.

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