Friday, January 04, 2013

You Bet Your Life

In 1955, after completing his work on the screenplay for Moby Dick but before the film was released, a 35-year old Ray Bradbury made an appearance as a contestant on Groucho Marx's long-running game show You Bet Your Life. It seems to have been Ray's habit to go without glasses around this time, and this is how he appears in the show. Groucho must have been a complete blur to him, as Ray was severely short-sighted for all of his adult life (and even escaped conscription because his eyes were so bad).

Let's see how Ray Bradbury copes with these tough questions on movies:


Jack Seabrook said...

What a great find! I was right there with him until the last question, which I also missed.

Unknown said...

Hi Phil==

I met Ray Bradbury and we shared some wonderful stories about Robert Bloch, whom I knew for about 10 years.

I just purchased the Ray Bradbury Theater and watched FRUIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWEL (ugh) and THE TOWN WHERE NO ONE GOT OFF, which I loved. Will look forward to coming back here and seeing your comments at I work through the DVD set.

Jeff Stevenson

Phil said...

Jack, I wonder who the lady was, and whether she (ever) knew the significance of who she had been a contestant with.

Jeff, welcome. If you'd ever care to share any Bradbury or Bloch anecdotes, I'd love to hear them (or publish them if that is possible). I'm a great admirer of Bloch as well.

As for RAY BRADBURY THEATRE, I don't mind "Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl" too much, although it is nowhere near as great as the short story. "Town Where No One..." is one of the better episodes, although there is also something unsatisfying about it which I have never quite been able to pin down. I think it's just the overall clarity of the story: who is this man, why is he doing this?

If you poke around the darker recesses of my website, you will find I have reviewed a small number of RBT episodes. It was once my life mission to review them all, but alas life's too short!