Sunday, April 06, 2014

From the Bradburymedia Archive: THE WORLD OF RAY BRADBURY

This is the programme from a Pandemonium Theatre production of The World of Ray Bradbury. The cover art contains clues to the one-act plays making up the production. As usual, I highly recommend that you click to embiggen!


James Braswell said...

Phil, Just want to thank you for you're diligence in keeping this post thriving, despite the lack of comments I frequently observe. Of course, this is apparently a labor of love posting all things Bradbury, and being a frequent visitor to you're blog, I suffer from the same malady, lack of commentary. Just wanted to find my voice today and as we say in the U.S., "get a word in". This is a marvelous site, and just wanted to say thank you. Keep up the fine work ! James (Chicago, Illinois - a stone's throw away from Greentown)

Phil said...

Thanks, James! It's good to know that my meagre efforts are appreciated.

I don't have a lot of time for writing much material for the blog at the moment, but I like to keep it alive with visuals when I can.

- Phil

JimmyLee67 said...

I feel you're efforts are much more than meagre Phil. Anything related to Ray is, to borrow from "Dandelion Wine", "Illumination". Wonderful !