Saturday, July 25, 2020

BRADBURY 100 starts today!

At last, the debut of my podcast Bradbury 100!

Every week on the podcast I talk about some aspect of Ray Bradbury's work, and interview someone with a connection to Ray. It's a celebration of Bradbury for his centenary year, and an opportunity for fans, friends and scholars to share their understanding of Bradbury and his works.

I have a long list of guests, many of whom knew Ray personally, or worked with him. In the coming weeks, I will introduce you to authors, actors, musicians and scholars - and, I hope, reveal dimensions to Bradbury that you weren't aware of.

The best way to enjoy the show is to use a podcast app on your phone or tablet. That way you can subscribe and be sure of getting each episode. Most podcast apps will find it no problem, as I'm distributing it via Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, and a load of other places.

You can also pick episodes up right here on Bradburymedia, and on Facebook and YouTube.

Without further ado, here is episode one of Bradbury 100. See below for show notes. If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them!

Show Notes - Bradbury 100 episode 1

My guest on episode 1 is author Steven Paul Leiva.
Steven's blog:
Steven's books: Amazon US - Amazon UK
Ray Bradbury Week 2010:

I first met Steve at Ray Bradbury's 90th birthday party in 2010, which was held in Glendale's Mystery & Imagination Bookshop. For many years Ray would gather friends and fans here for book signings and talks. Up the stairs of the bookshop was a wall signed by various authors and celebrities who had visited. Steve and I searched for his previous signing, and we also found the spot where Ray Bradbury had signed several years earlier.

Steven Paul Leiva re-finds his autograph. Click to enlarge.

Ray Bradbury signed the bookshop wall five years earlier, and added a dinosaur - which appears to be going after Ray Harryhausen's signature.


Hard Case Crime (Charles Ardai) said...

Hi, Phil! So excited to see the new podcast. (Well, to hear it, anyway.) I imagine you have the topics planned out already, but if there's room, we'd love to let the world know about KILLER, COME BACK TO ME, our brand new anthology of Ray's crime fiction, which we're publishing for his 100th birthday. (I selected the stories together with Michael Congdon and Jonathan Eller; Jon wrote a new introduction; the brilliant Paul Mann painted the gorgeous cover art.) Of course crime fiction isn't what Bradbury is most famous for, but that's what makes the book so interesting -- and never fear, a Bradbury crime story is as likely to feature time travel, androids, dark carnivals, ventriloquists' dummies, and other such stuff as it is to feature desperate bank robbers and ingenious detectives. Please reach out if you'd like a copy or have room on one of your episodes to chat with me about it!

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