Monday, July 20, 2020

San Diego Comic-Con celebrates 100 years of Bradbury

San Diego Comic-Con isn't running as usual this year - due to the pandemic, the physical con has been cancelled, but a programme of free online events has been put in its place. Unfortunately, this means the special celebratory events for the Ray Bradbury Centennial and the Ray Harryhausen Centennial are somewhat diminished.

The good news is that SDCC's souvenir book, always an excellent publication, is being made available for free as a PDF.

And the best news of all is that it contains many pages on Bradbury. There are articles by me (on Bradbury's media, of course), biographer Jon Eller, and Bradbury's daughter Sue Nixon, among others.

You can get the free PDF by clicking here:

And the full schedule of Comic-Con's at-home events can be accessed here:

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