Saturday, October 24, 2020

Bradbury 100 - episode 14

Time for another episode of my podcast Bradbury 100! So far, the series has accumulated around 2000 listens, so we must be doing something right...

My guest this week is Jeffrey Kahan, the writer, scholar and educator. I know Jeffrey from his work on last year's issue of the journal The New Ray Bradbury Review, which he guest-edited. We discuss the journal in the podcast, and you'll find links to it in the show notes down below.

This time next week it will be Halloween - so be prepared for a Halloween-themed episode!




Show Notes

The New Ray Bradbury Review is a journal published by the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. Jeffrey's issue, no. 6, can be ordered via Amazon.

Jeff's books, such as Shakespeare and Superheroes, are also listed on Amazon, on his author page.

His own conversational podcast is Mentors and Roles Models. I even appeared on an episode myself, though I am neither mentor nor role model. If you want to hear more of Jeff & Phil chatting (we talk about Bradbury, plus Harlan Ellison and Robert Bloch), find it here.

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