Sunday, October 15, 2023

New BRADBURY 100 Podcast Episode: Reviewing Ray Bradbury

This time on Bradbury 100 I talk about The New Ray Bradbury Review, the online journal I edit on behalf of the Ray Bradbury Center.

But I lead into the discussion by examining the ancestry of the journal - which stretches way back to 1952, and William F. Nolan's original fan publication, called simply Ray Bradbury Review.

I also pay tribute to Nolan as the first person to really study Ray's work, and I discuss his ongoing engagement with Ray as both a friend and a colleague.

You can download a free PDF copy of Nolan's ground-breaking original Ray Bradbury Review here, courtesy of FANAC:

And you can find the modern equivalent - The New Ray Bradbury Review - online for free, here:

The other William F. Nolan books I discuss in the podcast are The Ray Bradbury Companion and Nolan On Bradbury

Here's the episode. Enjoy!

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