Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dystopias, Lists and Parties

The web abounds with top tens of this and lists of the best that, and usually I wouldn't bother to post links to them. But I found one interesting Top 16 which outlines (one person's opinion of) the best dystopian novels. Fahrenheit 451 is in there, along with a number of other standards. What interested me, however, were some less obvious items - including the book listed as number one. I'll leave you to discover it for yourself, here.

Another interesting list appears on Cartoon Brew, within a suggestion for a book: a list of animated films that never got made. The relevance to Ray Bradbury? In the list is Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, which Bradbury (among others) developed for the screen. The film did eventually get made, but from a different script and from a different concept. Anyway, from this list I learn that Orson Welles was once involved in an animation project!

More interesting than lists are encyclopedia sources. I recently revisited Sci-Fi at Dark Roasted, which is now a far more comprehensive site than when I last looked at it some time ago. It's an attempt to catalogue and review science fiction stories, and has lots of book and magazine covers. I found the page on Theodore Sturgeon's More Than Human (one of my favourite SF novels, as it happens) has the cover of a 1952 Galaxy magazine, which bears an illustration of a birthday party...with what appears to be a green-suited Ray Bradbury at centre:

The original page is here.

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