Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nightshade Writers and Creepy Babies

British SF novelist Richard Morgan has blogged about how he sees himself as a "Jim Nightshade" writer - comparing his sensibilities to the Bradbury character from Something Wicked This Way Comes. I haven't read any of Morgan's work, but this makes me want to.

Another list featuring Bradbury: this time it's twenty-one creepy babies from film and TV. Bradbury appears thanks to "The Small Assassin", specifically the Ray Bradbury Theater adaptation of the short story. View the twenty-one here - and view my review of that episode here. I also have a review of the 2006 short film based on the same story, here.

This last item isn't new, but I stumbled on it just recently and thought I would link to it here. On NASA's website they have the full text of a small book called Why Man Explores, first published in 1976. It includes a brief essay and poem by Ray Bradbury, as well as writings from James Michener and Jacques Cousteau. The full text is here.

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