Saturday, May 15, 2010

Illustrate Bradbury, or Become an Illustrated Man...

Steven Paul Leiva's ambitions for Ray Bradbury Week (mentioned previously on this blog) now also include a package of illustrations and/or animations to be presented to Ray Bradbury. Full details are given on Cartoon Brew, here. Bradbury, of course, has a long association with animation: he was a childhood pal (and lifelong friend) of Ray Harryhausen; a close friend of Chuck Jones, with whom he originated The Halloween Tree; worked extensively with Disney (albeit mostly on theme parks rather than animated films); worked on an animated short of Icarus Montgolfier Wright, which received an Oscar nomination; received an Emmy for his work on the TV film version of The Halloween Tree; and did the original script for the somewhat abortive Little Nemo feature film. And has seen countless animators develop his short stories into films.

According to an article from Wired, we could in the near future have animated tattoos, just like Bradbury's fictional character in "The Illustrated Man". It's all thanks to a bizarre new use for LED technology.

The Wired article is here, and below is a video simulation of this strange new concept:

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