Monday, January 31, 2011

Live Forever!

There has been a lot of information bouncing around the web about Michael O'Kelly's recent stage production Live Forever: the Ray Bradbury Odyssey. Whereas a number of Bradbury's own books and plays have autobiographical elements, this seems to be the first attempt to present an outwardly biographical play about Bradbury himself, albeit with a fantastical treatment.

The most interesting article I have seen so far is this one from the Ventura County Reporter, which also mentions film director David Zucker and his stated aim of getting a film version of the play off the ground.

Audio update: Colonial's Martian Chronicles audio adaptation now has a release date - 7 June 2011 - and is available for pre-order from Amazon.


Paul Twinz said...

Thanks for the tip on Martian Chronicles!

Phil said...

Thanks for your thanks!

Michael said...

Thanks for mentioning my play; which was very successful, and is now being made into a 90 minute film. It is the first of it's kind; a dreamlike trip through Ray's mind, complete with special effects and animation, live actors and Ray's own dialogue. Ray has worked with me on this for five years and I would love to bring it to the UK !!!!???? If you would like for info my email is Best wishes, Michael.