Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bradbury News

Stuart Gordon is a film director best known for Re-Animator and other horrors of a Lovercraftian variety. Somewhat incongruously, he was also responsible for a Los Angeles stage production of Ray Bradbury's play The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, and he subsquently directed the Disney feature film from a screenplay by Bradbury himself.

Gordon answers questions about his work and life in relation to his adopted home of Los Angeles on the website of KCET.

Bradbury's hometown of Waukegan is once again celebrating the Ray Bradbury Dandelion Wine Fine Arts Festival. Now in its thirteenth year, it involves a day of creative activities in the city's Bowen Park. Details can be found here.

Website is running a summer reading celebration on the theme of 90 stories in 90 days. Stories can be read online for a small fee (typically 50 US cents each). Two rare Ray Bradbury tales are included:

The1944 short story "The Silence"  - an uncollected story which has rarely seen print since its debut in Super Science Stories in October 1944.

The 1949 short story "The Changeling" - more familiar, this one is available in Bradbury Stories, but made its debute in Super Science Stories in July 1949.

There is a press release about this event here, and you can access the stories here.

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