Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conferring on Bradbury

On Friday 29 June I will be presenting a paper at the SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association) conference in Detroit, Michigan. My paper is about the way Bradbury used the end of the world as a device in The Martian Chronicles screenplays, and in comparison with his original book. When I initially proposed the paper, I envisaged writing about all sorts of other Bradburyan apocalypses, but when it came to drafting it, it became obvious that a twenty-minute paper wouldn't allow room.

Joining me on the Bradbury-themed panel will be Jon Eller of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at Indiana University, and Adam Frisch of Briar Cliff University (a past-president of SFRA).

The conference guest of honour is Eric Rabkin, who has himself written and lectured about Bradbury in the past.

The last scheduled panel in the conference (on Saturday afternoon) will be a "Bradbury memorial". I will be moderating this session, and will be showing a selection of rare Bradbury video clips.

Full details of the SFRA conference can be found here.

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