Saturday, August 01, 2020

Bradbury 100 - episode 2

The second episode of my podcast Bradbury 100 drops today. You can play it below, or search for it on your podcast app.

My guest is Jason Aukerman, Managing Director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. The "Bradbury Center", as it's known for short, is the place where Ray's working papers are held in archive, along with the contents of Ray's personal library, and many of his professional and personal artefacts such as awards, videotapes and film prints.

I hope you enjoy the discussion. You can join in the discussion by posting a comment below - I'll reply to comments and questions in later episodes of the series.

Jason Aukerman receiving a Retro Hugo Award on behalf of Ray Bradbury at the World Science Fiction convention.

Show Notes

Take the virtual tour of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. You can actually wander around the bookshelves, see all the different editions of Ray's books, and walk around the reconstruction of Ray's basement office. The rendering is so good that you can even see the titles of the books in Ray's library. Direct link here:

Center for Ray Bradbury Studies official website:

Center for Ray Bradbury Studies Facebook page:

The Bradbury Center publishes a journal called The New Ray Bradbury Review. You can read about previous issues here:

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