Saturday, August 29, 2020

Bradbury 100 - episode 6

Today's new episode of Bradbury 100 features the second part of my interview with Jonathan R. Eller - Bradbury biographer, the director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, and author of the new book Bradbury Beyond Apollo. We also spend some time discussing Jon's first book on Bradbury, which was the study Ray Bradbury: The Life of Fiction co-authored with William F. Touponce, and then move on to Jon's recollections of the first Bradbury he read, and his "desert island" Bradbury pick.

Because a part of Jon's new book deals with Ray's relationship to real-life space exploration, I introduce the episode with a discussion of Ray, space, and Apollo.

Jon also talks about the challenges faced by the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, which reminds me that to sustain their good work they need support. You can read about the Center's mission, and make donations, here.

Show Notes

Read Ray's 1960s space-related articles in Life magazine:

Jon Eller's author page on Amazon US: 

Jon Eller's author page on Amazon UK:

Ray Bradbury visiting JPL, where he gained his Mars driving license:

Ray was in at the start of the Planetary Society.

Photo of Ray's license by John King Tarpinian. Background detail from the first edition of The Martian Chronicles. Composite image by Phil Nichols.

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m. d. said...

"where he gained his Mars driving license.' Haha. What a great line.