Thursday, August 13, 2020

Ray Bradbury discussion - BBC Forum

Here it is: the BBC World Service Forum radio programme about Ray Bradbury. A few weeks back, I took part in the discussion of Bradbury's life and career, with Jonathan R. Eller and Miranda Corcoran.

Each contributor recorded at home while in isolation, and our contributions were recorded down the line by the BBC. (We also submitted recordings we made locally, so the editors would have more control over the sound quality.)

What we didn't get at the time of recording were the various clips of Ray speaking, the readings from his work, and other played-in contributions. So listening to this programme is, even for me, like listening to something new. I'm quite impressed with how much they've been able to cram in to forty minutes!

Click here to listen:


Jack Seabrook said...

Last night at about 3 am, my wife couldn't sleep and put on the BBC World Service on the radio. And who do you think I heard coming over the airwaves? You! I said to my wife, "That's Phil!" Congratulations! It was a fascinating segment.

Phil said...

Ha! Sounds like a nightmare!