Monday, August 14, 2006

Bradbury short films

Ray Bradbury's stories make very inviting material for short films, and some of the best adaptations of his work have been in the short form. 2006 has seen at least two low-budget shorts based on Bradbury stories.

"The Small Assassin" is directed by Chris Charles, and brings to life Bradbury's classic tale of paranoia (mother becomes convined her newborn is out to kill her). The story has been adapted several times in the past, most notably as one of the British episodes of Ray Bradbury Theater. Judging by the trailer for this new production, it will rival the TV version.

"A Piece of Wood" is directed by Tony Baez Milan, and is an adaptation of Bradbury's anti-war fantasy. For a while this film was apparently viewable online, but seems to no longer be available outside of the short film festival circuit.

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