Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Interviews with Ray

Ray Bradbury has got to be one of the most interviewed authors around. Steven Aggelis even produced a PhD thesis on Ray's interviews (later turned into a book, Conversations with Ray Bradbury). Reading interviews made over a span of years, as Aggelis found, is fascinating. You can see how Ray's opinions gradually change, sometimes hardening, sometimes softening. You can also see how Ray's favourite anecdotes, such as the story of Mr Electrico, become embellished over time.

Unfortunately for the true Bradbury fan, most interviews - certainly most recent interviews - have been rather repetitive. Journalists only seem to want to ask Ray whether we will ever get to Mars, or when his next book is coming out. An exception, however, is this recent interview in the Ventura County Life & Style magazine, which 'rifraf' very kindly uploaded to the official Ray Bradbury Message Boards. The interview is long, which helps. And beautifully illustrated, which also helps. Most important, the interviewee asks questions which are not hurried, and which don't just cover the obvious.

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