Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Bradbury...

...well, actually it's free Brian James Freeman. His new book The Painted Darkness will be published in hardcover by Cemetery Dance later this year, but for a limited time it is being made available as a FREE PDF download. Absolutely free, no charges, no registration required, no nothing.

Bradbury comes into this in two ways. At the end of the PDF is a "roundtable", in which many leading writers (King, Blatty, Bradbury - just three names I noticed as I was skimming) are asked for their opinion of ebooks. Secondly, Bradbury is interviewed by Jon Eller about the future of publishing.

As you might expect, Bradbury is hostile to ebooks and much of modern technology, so the publisher is being quite clever to include Bradbury's hostility as part of the ebook itself.

You can get the PDF from this webpage.

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