Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Writes Like Bradbury? And the two Rays again.

It's been bouncing around the web quite a bit lately, and I would have ignored it but for one discussion on (of all things) Tablet: a New Read on Jewish Life. I'm referring to the website I Write Like, which lets you type or paste in some text, and then be told which famous writer you write like.

After a few goes with your own text, it's tempting to put in some text by a famous writer, and see who they supposedly write like. That's what Tablet did, with mixed results. Find out who writes like Ray Bradbury here...
Meanwhile, the whole I Write Like thing is taken down a peg or two on this blog; after reading this and the comments written in response, I decided I don't really care for I Write Like, and will never speak of it again!

Thanks to the estimable Terry Pace's Facebook page, I am able to provide a link to the video of the Ray Harryhausen 90th birthday bash at BAFTA/BFI, here. If you want to see the Ray Bradbury contribution made by video link, fast forward to 33 minutes and 30 seconds - although the entire show is worth watching. This is no amateur Youtube video, by the way: it's a professionally shot and edited piece, with some very nice presentations. My favourite section is about three minutes from the end, where Peter Jackson shows some stop motion work he did when he was a teenager.

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