Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bradbury as Verbal Architect

Thanks to Jeff Krulik, here are two video features from the National Trust for Historic Preservation featuring interviews with Ray Bradbury. In the first, he proclaims himself to be a "verbal architect". And in the second, he tells the story of the legendary "Brown Room" at Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles. Trust Modern recognizes this space as an unheralded landmark, important to the history of American literature.

You can read more about Clifton's Cafeteria and its historical significance here and here.


Paul Twinz said...

Phil, do you know if Bradbury's fanzine Futuria Fantasia is on the Internet?

Phil said...

Hi Paul,

I'm not aware of it being on the web (but I can't say I've searched for it recently). You probably know that the whole run of the fanzine was collected into a book a couple of years ago. I have a copy of that. If you want me to check anything for you, let me know.

Paul Twinz said...

Thanks for the offer.