Friday, June 24, 2011

Raydio Gaga?

I like a bit of experimental sound, and I like a bit of Bradbury. So what's not to like about Raydio Broadcasts, a "series of audio vignettes based on recombining and rearranging bits and pieces from Ray Bradbury's huge output of inspiring literature"?

According to their creators, Charles Rice Goff III and Justynn Tyme, the collection called Mrs Morris Goes to Mars came about like this:

We sampled bits from radio, television, and movie adaptations of Bradbury's works. We read and caused computer voice emulators to read brief excerpts from Bradbury's stories. We cut and pasted bits from Bradbury's recorded interviews.

We combined these Bradbury samples with samples from other media sources and with original "music" to produce six recordings, each of which tells a unique story that provides listeners with a variety of interpretations. I should emphasize here that we make no claims on the copyrights of any of these sampled materials. What we have achieved here is purely an experiment in art and is in no way a capitalistic enterprise.

You can here their...strange...concoctions on, where the entire collection is available for listening and download.

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