Monday, June 27, 2011


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Here's an amusing little item from the website Timothy Sweeney's Internet Tendency: a list of things overheard on Ray Bradbury Theatre. I can't swear that these are all genuine, but they have the ring of truth - and that's good enough for me. Here's a brief extract:

Only two people left on Mars!
Oh dear!
Kinda strange, huh?
You run ahead! Make sure it’s safe!
You down there! You there!
I’m like a window with no glass!
Got a real beauty of a letter from my Uncle George! Sure is nice getting mail.

I like that this takes the appearance of poetry. And the surfeit of exclamation marks makes it look like Ray Bradbury's poetry.

Read the entire list here.

Further to my previous post about the late Alan Neal Hubbs, I'd like to mention another online tribute to Alan. One of his regular actors, Roses Prichard, has put together a Facebook photo album with memories of their time working together. It contains lots of behind-the-scenes photos with Roses' comments. You probably need to have a Facebook account to view it, but here's the direct link.

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