Saturday, June 16, 2012

And the Bradbury Award goes to...

At the recent Nebula Awards ceremony, the Ray Bradbury Award was given to Neil Gaiman for an episode of Dr Who. Neil has posted a photo of the award on his blog, showing the trophy sitting next to his Jim Henson Creativity Award - which he describes as "the only other award goofy enough to make me laugh". Here's the photo:

This isn't the only award named after Bradbury. There's also the Ray Bradbury Creativity Award. This was recently given to Kirk Douglas, with the actor Bo Derek standing in for Ray - this was a few weeks before his death, and he was too ill to attend.

Ray and Bo go back a long way. If you Google both names, you will probably find stories about how they met. Ray and Kirk also go back a long way: in the 1950s, Kirk Douglas worked with  Bradbury to prepare a TV series called Report From Space, which was to adapt stories from The Martian Chronicles and other Bradbury books. Unfortunately, the project fell through. Twenty-some years later, Kirk's son Peter Douglas would produce the Disney adaptation of Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The Creativity Award ceremony was filmed by Blair Bones Media. Jeremy Blair kindly sent me a link, so please enjoy the event:

Ray Bradbury Creativity Award 2012: Kirk Douglas from Jeremy Blair on Vimeo.

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dolphintornsea said...

Gaiman is certainly raking in the awards at an indecent pace. By my count, his short fiction has won 11 Locus Awards, including one this weekend. Ah, well - good luck to him. He's a Bradbury fan, and I knew about him before he was famous, for an hysterically funny book called Ghastly beyond Belief.