Saturday, September 12, 2020

Bradbury 100 - episode 8

Time for another episode of my podcast Bradbury 100. This week, a topic very close to my heart: radio drama. I continue my interview with dramatist Brian Sibley, and we talk mostly about adapting Ray Bradbury for radio.

Brian talks about adapting to different media, and the need for compression (and occasional expansion) of stories in the process. We cover especially The Illustrated Man, "The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl" and "The Next in Line".

Show Notes

See my list of Bradbury's radio credits.

I've written a number of articles about Ray's work on BBC Radio. Read them here and here.

Brian contributed many scripts to the 1990s BBC series Ray Bradbury's Tales of the Bizarre, which continues to be repeated periodically on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Brian's own Soundcloud channel includes a vast amount of his work, including his episodes of Tales of the Bizarre.


bobby said...

Phil, there's a problem with this podcast, Brian answers are cut off so that I can only hear the questions. So I went and checked the youtube video version and that has the same problem!

I've been looking forward to this one as I'm an admirer of the BBC show.

Phil said...

Hi Bobby,

I'm sorry to hear that there's a problem with the audio. I've just checked the episode both here and on Youtube, and I don't see a problem with it.

Is Brian dropping out at specific times? If so, please let me know the specific minutes and seconds so I can look out for it.

Or is he completely missing?

To be honest, I'm suspecting there might be something wrong with your computer!

- Phil